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Your virtual
business card

Take it with you for your next
online event

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Whats is Rapid Cards?

Business card app and Contacts organizer

  • Create a professional looking business card

  • Easily share your card

  • Scan paper cards to contacts organizer

Share card via
web link

Card horizontal

Your focus
and ask

Contact info

Your social

Card vertical

Wear many hats?

The right card for the right occasion

  • Create different cards for different sides of you

  • Share the card that fits the event

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Card Type 2
Card Type 3

Contacts organizer

Contacts mess is sorted out for you

  • Your contacts grouped by dates and events

  • Organized by tags

  • Filtered by cards you shared

Search by any word
you remember

Filter your contacts by
cards you shared

Group by date
you met

Group by tag

Contact Organizer

Scan QR +

Share your complete contact information with others via a unique QR code created in the RAPID app!

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